27Jan, 21

In October, exports of Lithuanian food products continued to grow.

During the ten months of this year, Lithuanian producers exported more than 19 thousand Lithuanian foodstuffs and other consignments of animal origin, which is 14%. more than in the same period last year. Such data are shown by the statistics compiled by the specialists of the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS). “In addition to sales of fish and its products, dairy products, which in recent months accounted for the largest share of food sector exports, our country’s companies actively sell fresh meat, especially beef, poultry, as well as various offal, culinary products, …

27Jan, 21

More than 100 new cases of avian influenza have been detected in Europe: a tenth of outbreaks have occurred in poultry farms .

The State Food and Veterinary Service office (SFVS) reports that the number of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) cases in both wild and domestic birds continues to increase in Europe. The largest number (92) of these have been confirmed in Germany in the last week for wild water birds that have died, while 13 outbreaks have occurred in the Danish wild fauna, 10 in the Netherlands, 5 in the United Kingdom and 2 in Ireland. This type of virus in wild birds first appeared in Belgium this year also (3 cases). The H5N8 strain of bird flu is not dangerous to humans, but can cause significant …

January 27, 2021

UK has increased lamb production .

Access to exports markets such as the EU is crucial, warns AHDB. It is clear 2020, has not been a normal year by any means and lamb markets have felt the effect of this. Retail demand has remained relatively resilient and Kantar data actually suggests there have been some areas of growth for the sector especially for household lamb purchases. In contrast to this, the closure of foodservice sector for prolonged periods of the year has restricted demand for the out of home market, although the importance of takeaways for lamb has meant even here the effect of lockdown has been muted to a degree.E …

07Jan, 21

In January-October, pig slaughter volumes and purchase prices increased in Lithuania .

In January – October, 769,207 pigs were slaughtered in Lithuanian enterprises – 3.02 percent more than in the same period in 2019, the purchase price also increased, says the Agricultural Information and Rural Business Center. According to the centre’s publication “Agrorinka”, the average purchase price of pigs by weight and quality of carcasses in Lithuanian slaughterhouses amounted to 161.12 euros per 100 kilograms and was 1.12 percent higher than in 2019 for the same period, when it amounted to 159.34 euros per 100 kilograms.In the analyzed period in Lithuania, the re …

17Nov, 20

New Zealand red meat exports to the US are on the rise

Nuo liepos iki rugsėjo mėnesio raudonosios mėsos eksportas į Amerikos rinką padidėjo 50%. Naujosios Zelandijos raudonos mėsos sektorius trečiąjį ketvirtį ir toliau demonstravo savo judrumą, o eksportas į Jungtines Valstijas per tris mėnesius nuo liepos iki rugsėjo išaugo 50%, palyginti su metais anksčiau. Bendras eksportas į JAV per ketvirtį siekė 400 mln. JAV dolerių, o po to sekė 42% padidėjimas į Didžiąją Britaniją (71 mln. USD), o į Vokietiją, 25% padidėjimas iki 70 mln. USD, anot mėsos pramonės asociacijos paskelbtų duomenų Trečiojo ketvirčio augimas kompensavo 25% eksporto sumažėjimą į Ki …

12Nov, 20

US pork exports remain on record pace through third quarter

Through the first three quarters of the year, United States pork exports were 16% ahead of last year’s record pace in both volume and value according to USMEF. Through the first three quarters of the year, United States pork exports were 16% ahead of last year’s record pace in both volume (2.22 million mt) and value ($5.69 billion) according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). The increases were even stronger for pork muscle cuts, jumping 22% to 1.87 million mt valued at $4.93 billion (up 19%).Average pork export value from January-September incre …


The largest food industry exhibition in the world “ANUGA”

“Baltic Foods” regurlarly participates in the world’s largest food industry exhibitions One of them – “ANUGA”. In this exhibition you can find partners from all over the world and exotic countries. Demand is huge. “Baltic Foods” company participates in exhibitions while popularizing Lithuania’s name. The company also looks for ways to improve the quality, seeks for inovations, which are later introduced to the market. Global giants and family business representatives gather in one exhibition to share latest trends. In one place you can find a …

09Nov, 20

Russia: Meat exports up almost 80% in first 9 months of 2020

Exports of meat for the first nine months of 2020 showed significant growth. Meat and by-products worth $610 million were supplied to foreign markets, 79% more than in the same period last year. According to Minister of Agriculture, Dmitry Patrushev, meat export for the first nine months of 2020 showed significant growth – meat and by-products worth $610 million were delivered to foreign markets, which is up 79% compared to the same period last year.The main buyer of Russian meat is China, which in 2020 imported products worth $ 235 million – 3.9 times …

05Nov, 20

Lithuania and South Korea have agreed on the export of Lithuanian poultry meat

The Lithuanian and South Korean authorities have also agreed on the export of Lithuanian poultry meat and its products to South Korea, but experts from this country will still have to evaluate Lithuanian companies According to Darius Remeika, Head of the Food and Veterinary Service, South Korea is currently being consulted on the possibility of remotely auditing companies that want to export their products. According to him, this would speed up the registration of companies, as a physical audit could take a long time time due to the pandemic. Negotiations on poultry exports with South …

28Oct, 20

Export indicators for September: exports of Lithuanian products continue to grow

Statistics of the State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) show that the export indicators of Lithuanian food products of animal origin are growing for the eighth month in a row. During September of this year, compared to the same period last year, 454 tons or even 65 percent. more of Lithuanian fresh meat were exported. Despite the spread and challenges of infectious viral diseases (African swine fever, avian influenza, COVID-19 pandemic), Lithuanian producers are successfully expanding not only fresh meat exports (for example, beef exports almost doubled, more than 129 tons, poultry exports …

26Oct, 20

Double impact for the German pork market

Imports of live pigs or pig meat were in decline before the ASF crisis. Germany is one of the largest importers of pigs and pig meat in the EU but this year, the market wasn’t so strong, even before the ASF outbreak. About 13.8 million pigs were imported in 2019. Slaughter totalled around 55 million head over the same period, indicating that about 25% of Germany’s production originates from piglets born elsewhere.With the outbreak of ASF in German wild boar reducing the market for German pig meat, there may be some desire to reduce these live imports and so cut production originating in G …

21Oct, 20

Avian flu is heading to Europe

Russia and Kazakhstan have been already hit by an influenza wave due do wild birds migration route to Europe. In the last couple of weeks, Russia and Kazakhstan have been confronted with several outbreaks of bird flu in both wild and domestic birds as the autumn migration in wild birds is crossing their territories. EU officials have warned poultry producers to step up surveillance against possible outbreaks of avian flu among wild and domestic birds. “EU countries are being urged to step up surveillance and biosafety measures to protect themselves against possible new outbreaks of bird f …

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