The State Food and Veterinary Service office (SFVS) reports that the number of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) cases in both wild and domestic birds continues to increase in Europe. The largest number (92) of these have been confirmed in Germany in the last week for wild water birds that have died, while 13 outbreaks have occurred in the Danish wild fauna, 10 in the Netherlands, 5 in the United Kingdom and 2 in Ireland. This type of virus in wild birds first appeared in Belgium this year also (3 cases).
The H5N8 strain of bird flu is not dangerous to humans, but can cause significant damage to farmers if the infection is transmitted from the wild to poultry housing. This year that happened in the Netherlands (6 outbreaks), the United Kingdom (2), Poland (32), Hungary (as many as 273), Bulgaria (9), Slovakia (4), Ukraine (1) and other countries.
So far in Lithuania, the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus has not been detected in any of the tested bird samples. However, veterinarians constantly point out that there is still a significant risk that the virus may enter the territory of our country at any time, because the extremely rapidly spreading infectious diseases do not respect the borders of states.


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