The strongest in Lithuania since 2012!

JSC ``Baltic Foods``

We offer you only tested and of high quality frozen meat from all over Europe. Also – wide assortment of products and flexible delivery conditions.

JSC ``Baltic Foods``

For those who appreciate trust!

We are one of the TOP 500 companies, who, in 2019, paid the largest amount of taxes.

JSC ``Baltic Foods``

For those looking for quality!

We select very responsibly the highest quality meat from key regions throughout Europe. The meat we supply meets the required standards for both food supply and retail. The main priority for the company is the highest quality.

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JSC ``Baltic Foods`` supplies the highest
quality frozen meat all over Europe

Over more than 12 years, we have gained extensive experience in both wholesale and in selecting the best quality. JSC “Baltic Foods” offers wide range of beef, veal, pork, chicken, turkey, duck meat and other frozen products.

  • Wide selection!
  • Packaging of your choice!
  • Quality guarantee!
  • Fast delivery!
A wide range of high quality products, competitive prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service have allowed us to become leaders in the field.
``Baltic Foods`` is the strongest in the Lithuanian market since 2012!







JSC ``Baltic Foods``

Quality guarantee!

  • Temperature control
  • Sealed packaging
  • Quality Certificate

The quality of meat is determined by many different factors, therefore over the years JSC “Baltic Foods” has discovered the best suppliers that ensure the best price-quality ratio. Meat processing, freezing speed and temperature and many other factors are very important for meat quality. The main purpose of meat freezing processes is to protect meat from various contaminants and to preserve useful substances for as long as possible. JSC Baltic Foods sells only deep-frozen meat with a temperature not higher than -18ºC. Carefully selected packaging not only improves the commercial appearance of the meat, but is also a guarantee of stability, allowing you to maintain the quality of frozen meat. The meat we offer to the customer has good taste and technological properties.

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JSC ``Baltic Foods``


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