In 2020, the Southeast Asian country exported 5000 live pigs and pork products per day.
Thailand expects that the swine industry in the country to reach $750 millions in live pig and pork exports for 2020 as its ASF-free status has increased the demand for breeding pigs and pork in the region. According to the Department of Livestock Development (DLD), Thailand produced almost 55,000 pigs per day, of which 5,000 were shipped abroad as live animals or pork products.However, at the end of December pig exports have slowed down due to Cambodia’s tighter restrictions applied to Thai pig exporters. As a result, pig price in Thailand plunged to around $2.00 per kg in December, from a high of $2.8 per kg in October. Export plunge as well as a result of Cambodia’s curb on the number of Thai exporters authorized to export pigs thru the country with Vietnam as the final destination.Cambodia’s tighter restrictions on Thai shippers are aimed at better controlling disease transmission between the countries. However, Cambodian’s move sparked a protest with about 50 Thai exporters who were left out of business. “The same groups also tried to convince the Laotian government to allow only their members to ship live pigs from Thailand to Vietnam via Laos. But the Laotian government declined. Attempting to monopolize live pig exports would distort the pig price in Thailand, said the protestors. This would not be beneficial to the pig producers in Thailand,” commented Paul A. Anderson, General Manager South-East Asia/International Sales Manager, Genesus Inc.More than 100,000 breeding pigs were imported by Vietnam this year, most of the animals originating from Thailand.


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