The Lithuanian and South Korean authorities have also agreed on the export of Lithuanian poultry meat and its products to South Korea, but experts from this country will still have to evaluate Lithuanian companies

According to Darius Remeika, Head of the Food and Veterinary Service, South Korea is currently being consulted on the possibility of remotely auditing companies that want to export their products. According to him, this would speed up the registration of companies, as a physical audit could take a long time time due to the pandemic. Negotiations on poultry exports with South Korea began at the end of 2014.Lithuania mainly exports dairy products to South Korea. This year, more than 1.5 thousand tons of dairy products were exported. Mainly cheese, butter and other products.This year, certificates have also been coordinated, allowing Lithuanian producers to export dairy products to Dominica, egg products to Turkey, and various products of animal origin to Ukraine.


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